I am a 3rd year PhD student at the Chair of Electronic Finance and Digital Markets. Here I am focusing on topics related to computerized decision support for credit risk management and how different kinds of heterogeneous data (primarily textual) can be utilized, using various types of processing and algorithmic approaches.
Naturally, the challenges I face are for example, how to process and transform unstructured data to a more manageable structure. To this end I use Python and various libraries like Pandas extensively. However, it is also of highest interest whether the information contained in the textual data is actually useful or relevant when reasoning about credit risk. To bridge this gap I use machine learning and statistics, in combination with visualizations.
At the Master's level I taught the course Business Intelligence and Decision Support Systems two semesters and the course Digital Finance one semester. In all cases I supervised the exercise which consisted of interactive lectures and exercises at PC workplaces. Here the students could get to know tools like Rapidminer and Tableau.

I obtained both my Bachelor's and Master's degree in Business Information Systems from the University of Göttingen. During the Master's studies I interned at Volkswagen AG After Sales in Kassel where I also wrote my Master's thesis. The goal was to examine if and how a data-driven support of spare parts refurbishment could be performed. I consulted with various stakeholders, analyzed the existant processes and derived a possible way forward. This was done in close cooperation with the Volkswagen Data:Lab in Munich.
Prior to that I did an internship at Sycor Gmbh in the SAP Business Analytics division. Here, the goal was to design a Dashboard for a client using the SAP HANA Software Suite and tools like HANA Studio and SAP BO Design Studio. I was also able to get a first insight into working with geodata when building a prototypical visualization application using D3.js when I was there.

Short CV

  • Since 05/2017: Research Associate, Chair of Electronic Finance and Digital Markets, University of Göttingen
  • 10/2014–04/2017: Master Studies in Business Information Systems, University of Göttingen
  • 09/2016–04/2017: Internship, Volkswagen AG: Group After Sales, Kassel
  • 04/2016–06/2016: Internship, Sycor GmbH: SAP Business Analytics, Göttingen
  • 04/2011–09/2014: Bachelor Studies in Business Information Systems, University of Göttingen